Book and a Ball is a non-profit organization providing books and balls to orphans all around the world.


Book and a Ball is the intersection of the joy and benefits a ball brings and the transformational power of education through books. We want to connect the passion of sports we love with the life-changing experience of education. This intersection can radically affect orphans’ lives.

We have created a 4-hour half-day program for orphanages when we arrive for a project:


Book Giveaway - 1 Hour

We will assess each orphanage before our visit to gauge literacy rate, age and current educational materials. We adjust our books to fill the greatest need. This is an exciting time when orphans get their first gift, the books! Magic markers will be handed out so each child can personalize their book so there is no mix-up.

Story Telling - 1 Hour

For the second hour we break up into small groups and read through the books. Each child will be able to follow along as we have an animated storytelling session that will bring loads of laughter and education.

Ball Giveaway - 1 Hour

This is when things get really fun. Depending on the country and most popular sport, we hand out the most sought after balls accordingly. To help with organization and make this a big moment, we make a 'people tunnel' and each child's name is announced one-by-one as if he/she were a superstar professional athlete. The child runs through the tunnel to get their very own ball.

Game Time - 1 Hour

The finale comes when we get to play in the big game. We are divided into teams and get to enjoy having fun and playing games. In the end, we all are winners and the orphans have a day they will never forget. We always bring extra equipment such as soccer goals and basketball hoops to leave behind and will help facilitate an ongoing league when the organization leadership sees fit. 

We would love for you to partner with us in this adventure.

Every orphan deserves a book. Every orphan deserves a ball.


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