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Your donation will not only give you a tax write-off,
but also change the lives of orphans worldwide.


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Donate a Building to Charity

Donated a building for a tax write-off.

We realize that building owners sometimes have special requirements. We look forward to helping everyone understand the process. From a commitment letter to the tax deduction we are available to help every step of the way. We can act quickly, often we can commit to taking a building within a matter of days. Our goal and expertise is helping individuals like you maximize your tax deduction while staying within the bounds of IRS guidelines.

Building Donation Process

The first step is generally to have a phone consultation to determine if the property donation is a good fit for the charity and for the donor.

Once it appears to be a good fit for the charity and the donor, an appraisal will be ordered if the expected value is over $5,000. Also at this point, deed preparation will also proceed.

Upon the appraisal being completed, the deed and closing materials will be emailed to you. Once you sign the deed in front of a bank notary and mail it back to our legal team, liability and ownership transfers to the charity.

At that point, we can send you the tax write-off documentation if needed. We will also record the deed.

 Book and a Ball is a verified GuideStar charity

Maximum Tax Benefit

Tax Write-Off of Fair Market Value

Take advantage of current IRS rules allowing the deduction of the 100% of the Fair Market Value of your land donation. In today’s market, your tax savings often greatly outweigh the benefits of continuing to hold onto real estate considering real estate taxes, county and city fines, bad publicity of owning an under-utilized property, real estate agent fees, and time and energy of dealing with the property.

The deduction value can be carried backwards or forwards for other tax years in many cases.

Your donation will go towards changing the lives or orphans around the world.

*If you are seeking a tax deduction of more than $5,000, the property will need to be appraised.

What we offer

Our team of experts will guide you through the process surrounding donating land of all kinds to get the maximum deduction from the IRS. We are here for any questions you have.

Our team responds quickly and will guide you through the entire process. We know your time is valuable and will get you the answers, documents, and tax relief as fast as possible.

The IRS allows a donor to a valid 501(c)3 to deduct the value of the property from your tax return for the period during which you made the donation. We help you to maximize this deduction.

To make sure that you are satisfied, we are always available for questions, whether it is five weeks or five years after your donation. Give us a call or send an email anytime.

Your donation not only gives you a tax write-off, but helps provide education and sports materials for orphans worldwide.


Book and a Ball is a non-profit organization providing books and balls to orphans around the world. It is donations like yours that allow us to continue to change the lives of kids worldwide.


Around the world there are an estimated 153 million orphans who have lost at least one parent. Many great organizations provide clean drinking water, food and medical care to orphans. Our mission is to bring a new dimension to orphan’s lives through the power of education and sports.


Children raised in orphanages have an I.Q. 36 points lower on average than children growing up with their biological parents. With the proper educational materials and building confidence through sports we can change this. Combining the power of sports and books we can increase an orphan’s intellect exponentially.


The primary focus of most orphanages is to provide the basics of survival for each child; shelter, food and water. Sports equipment is a luxury, and one most facilities are unable to afford. Sports exercise improves health, increases self-esteem and provides the opportunity for a child to be a child.

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