Quito, Ecuador

In the last two decades, the population of Ecuador has doubled – creating a growing population of abandoned children. Most of these children are from poor and/or indigenous families. Growing poverty, lacking education, and limited governmental resources further exacerbate the problem of street children and orphans in Ecuador.

The children are mostly abandoned by parents too poor to feed them, others are left in the hospital after birth.  There are many orphans in Ecuador who are never adopted; thus, for many of these children there are very few options and little hope for a normal life once placed in an orphanage. Orphanages in Ecuador supply housing, food, and clothes for the children. This is a great starting point but many people are under the impression the job is over because the child is “alive and safe”.  It is not over. It is only the beginning.

Book and a Ball will work with orphanages in the capital city of Quito and with communities in the remote villages. We are excited to let orphans experience more to life. To be educated, to participate in sports and to feel a sense of self worth.

Your donation will provide books and balls to the orphans in Ecuador.


Thank you for supporting Project Ecuador

Watch the video below of the impact you had on the orphans in Quito


Dallas, Texas

Tonight was the first ever Book and a Ball project…and I am just as changed as the youth.

Book and a Ball partnered with Royal Family Kids Camp to host 88 foster kids, ages 6-12.  They come from Ellis County – right in my own backyard of Dallas, Texas.  They are the ones other agencies ignore.  Each one has a story – abandonment, abuse, rejection, instability.  You could see it on some of their faces.  Most of them had never experienced a birthday party of their own… but that changed tonight.

There was pizza, there was a specially decorated birthday cake with their name on it, there was a purple crown for everyone that said “Happy Birthday,” there was music, there was dancing, there was ice cream, there was a ‘people tunnel’ and celebration as they arrived at their party, there was a special sack filled with special birthday gifts just for them, and then…there was their very own basketball, provided by Book and a Ball.

One of the boys, approximately 8 years old, just stood there…holding his ball, bouncing his ball, looking at his ball from all angles.  You could tell he loved it, and probably had never had a ball of his own.  He watched as his counselor put his name on it with a marker.  He didn’t even look inside his own sack of presents, he was so focused on his ball.  Finally, he did take a peek inside, and was excited to find other great gifts…but it was the basketball that was so special to him tonight.

Royal Family Kids Camp provided the party and all the trimmings, and tomorrow we will give every child their own book engraved with their name.

Book and a Ball. A simple idea that has left an impression for a lifetime. Tonight…our dream became a reality!


*Due to state law, no photos of foster children in state care are allowed to be posted on the internet.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Dominican Republic

Book and a Ball partnered with the Oklahoma Wesleyan University Men’s Basketball team for their summer trip to the Dominican Republic. The project was a huge success. Lives were changed, hearts were touched and many orphans received a Book and a Ball. Thank you to the Oklahoma Wesleyan Basketball Team for being the hands and feet of this mission. And a special thank you to our generous partners for providing the resources to bless the orphans.







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